Brewery restaurant concept

We would like to address concept of Brewery restaurant to partners who have experience with gastronomy and have abilities to lead the restaurant.

Idea of brewery restaurant was inspired with days during The First republic. we wanted to amplify experience from the beer, good servis and unique atmosphere with ambience. That is why we started looking for ideas in whole process - from production thru all variants of pouring beer to necessary beer rituals and final consumption of the beer. You can find our brewery restaurants Moravia in Brno. One is right next to the brewery in Medlánky, two others are in downtown of Brno. Street Kounicova and Dvořákova street with "Zelená Kočka" restaurant (Green cat). You will enjoy lunch or afternoon beer with friend in all of them.  

Why with us?

You will be serving premium craft beer, to which you will be rightfully proud. Beer with tradition with traditional flavor without any substitute for artificial additions. To our standard sortiment we are adding beer specials on regular basis.

Financial help: we are ready to pay for complete beer economy.

Restaurant interior: we are going to help you with visualization and realization of interior of specific space.

Know How: we are going to provide you training for personnel and complete handbook written by experienced specialist from gastronomy sphere.

Customer reputation: you have to build good reputation for long years. But with us you can profit from customer reputation in few months.

Restaurant ad: for all our restaurants we prepare marketing support activities to address more new clients.

Would you like to have Brewery restaurant

or you would like to ask some question?

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Presentation of Brewery restaurant Moravia on Kytnerova street